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Posted by:GIMLEO    Time:2019-8-28

Start from demand of our clients , R&D department of Gimleo heat exchanger focuses on solving all problems regarding heat exchangers , meanwhile under great load of heat exchanger testing condition , they developed single thermal shells with heating capacity of 15P and 25P .

Every time when our customers are in need of manufacturing large heating capacity units (up to 12P) , they all need to combine multiple small heat exchanges to get enough heat transferring area . It not only increase the cost , also increase instability for copper brazing , at the same time multi-connected heat exchanger will take lots room in metal sheet designing . Thanks to one single 25P heat exchanger, our customers can benefit greatly both financially and also at labor cost &brazing leaking risk . That is a mutual win situation for our clients and us .

At the same time we made a great progress on developing PPR shell ti-tube heat exchanger . in application of high temp water heater like SPA heater , due to corrosive item in using water (containing chloride or other ion that may react with metal) , stainless steel shell ti-tube heat exchanger may fail in short time and cause collapse of SPA heater which is huge loss for manufacturer and customers of theirs . PPR shell ti tube heat exchanger , with extreme stability and endurance for high temperature (up to 70 celsius degree) , could offer clients with stable and long-lasting heat transferring performance . We now provide diameter of 160mm / 20mm / 280mm according to market request , satisfying all height restriction and sheet metal design need from our clients.

Foshan Gimleo heat exchanger co .,ltd is integrated with advanced design philosophy , based on clients’ need and problems , we keep promoting adaptable products to the market , to better serve our clients .

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